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Just wanted you to see what this wonderful little dog looks like now that he’s 16 months old. Axle is so gentle and lovable especially with the other Doxie that we got for his companion. They just run and play most of every day. Here in Pennsylvania we live on 150 acres that they just love to run free on. My wife and I would like to thank you again for bundle of love. Hope that you are doing well during these unusual times.


I got Alfie from Diane about 6 months after I lost my beloved 16.5 year old Osker. Alfie is a sweet little guy, very intelligent, & full of energy. He is now 7 months old & has learned to ring the bell on the door to tell me he has to go out to potty!
Diane loves all her Doxies & takes very good care of them. She is a very nice & caring person.

Elissa Tommasi


Bought my puppy Samson April 2018. We are so happy we chose laldoxies for our little guy. He came full of love to share. I can’t begin to tell you the joy he has brought to everyone in our home. Diane did a fabulous job preparing him for his forever home.

Selena Figueroa


Hi Diane! It’s been a couple of months and I thought you might like some updated pictures! She is the love of our lives. So sassy and sweet. Thanks again!

Happiness is Puppies

We are beyond grateful for Diane and all of her expertise!
We are long time doxie lovers and knew we had to add one to our family. As we were researching, we immediately felt drawn to Little Lords and Ladies due to the warmth, kindness and expertise Diane offered in her first email! Traveling from New Jersey to Florida was completely worth it! Our long haired, cream color pup named Ollie is wonderful and as our vet says, “one perfectly healthy pup!” He has become the best part of our little family! Thank you for all of the support along the way!
We couldn’t be happier! We will be coming back for sure to add another four legged family member!
Lots of thanks!

Emily, Frank, and Ollie

4 Month Old Lily

We just wanted to send you a picture of our 4 month old puppy Lily. Her hair is coming nicely. She is everything we had hoped for.
Thank you so much!

Doug and Carrie Moyer

Everything I Wanted

Yoda is everything I’ve wanted in a dog and I’ve had different breeds since I was 5 years old. But I’ve never owned a dog like this he sleeps like a human next to me, if I go to the bathroom he comes with me, if I shower he comes with me; right now I am running errands and he is with me, we are super attached. Thank you so much for the best dog in the world.


Amazing Temperament

The difference between my two dogs is crazy. The puppy I received from you, Cabo, is just so calm and laid back and can do all types of tricks. He never whines or anything and Theo, which I received from a different breeder, although I love him just the same, whines all the time for every little thing and doesn’t know tricks and is just so different. I can tell a real difference in temperament between the two and I definitely think it stems from the breeders and how they were cared for after birth which you did an amazing job clearly. I would recommend you a million times over because the difference is definitely significant.


Best Personality

Oakley is an amazing dog and has one of the best personalities ever and that’s why we wanted to come back to you. We are excited and looking forward to the upcoming litters.


Makes Me Smile

I am so in love with her. We named her Mochi, it just seemed to be a perfect fit. Our other dogs play with her & she has a wonderful time running through the house & backyard. She makes me smile every time I look at her. She’s a little love.


Not Jealous

We are enjoying Samson. My husband is in love. I’m not jealous. Samson is smart, cuddly and adorable. We want to thank you for the amazing job you did with him. Did you teach him to sit?


Daughter’s First Puppy

She was so thrilled! I sent you the video of her finding out she just got a puppy. Lol. My mom picked up Samson yesterday. Both pups are doing amazing! You truly did a great job with them. They are going the the bathroom outside already with only 1 accident. They are super smart and so so sweet. Buddy loves playing with my daughter.


Very Happy

Our little one is doing awesome. He is very happy. Thank you soo much.


So Sweet

He is so sweet! He is getting use to our place, but we already love him. He fussed a couple times during the night; I sat with him by the cage until he fell asleep each time; one time he was probably fussing because he had to go pee pee.

Thank you very much!


Lap Dog

She is making great progress in her new home and all of us are getting used to each other. She is SO affectionate. She clearly is a lap dog. We’ll keep you posted and with pictures!


Love Bugs

The puppies were great the entire car ride home. Such love bugs. They had their dinner and both went potty on the pee pee pad and are now playing. They are so cute. Thank you for everything.


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