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Beautiful Mistress Shae (retired)

Our first dam, Shae is a shaded cream , long-haired dachshund whom has already mothered her first litter. She is 11lbs with big, brown eyes that look so lovingly at her owner. She is very mellow with a quiet, gentle temperament, and she is eager to please.

Shae is from Steph’s Maximum Cream Indulgence and Miami Doxies’ Royal Black Beauty.










Little Lord Tyrion

He’s both regal, loyal, and he struts with such a beautiful gait, holding his head up proudly. Tyrion weighs 12 lbs and is a chocolate cream dapple dachshund with stunning blue eyes. He has sired several beautiful litters producing a variety of gorgeous puppies,

Tyrion is from Gina’s stunning blue-eyed Romeo MLD and Gina’s Delicious Chocolate Dove MLC.










Lady Sansa of House Stark

Sansa is a beautiful, long-haired, red dapple female with brilliant, sparking blue eyes; she is a wonderful addition to our Doxie family.

Sansa was born on June 19, 2016, from Gina’s Sir Lancelot and Gina’s Sprinkles on Dapple Pie.










Princess Arya (retired)

Arya is a beautiful, long-haired, miniature, chocolate and cream female dachshund. Arya is the perfect addition to our dachshund family; she has a wonderfully gentle and affectionate temperament with an adorably playful personality.

Arya is from Dreamworks dachshunds  (formally Unique’s) Drive it Like a Harley and Pecan’s Bambi Princess of the Forest @Miami Doxies










Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund has a heart and lovable temperament the size of a giant. He is a handsome shaded red miniature dachshund with white markings upon his nose and chest.
He carries also carries piebald and we expect him to sire many beautiful litters with his gorgeous coat and sweet playful personality.

Tormund is from Dreamworks  dachshunds (formerly Unique’s) Lilly Bella MCL and Rabows Lions Gate ML










Lady Lyanna

Lyanna is a gorgeous black and cream tuxedo piebald female, she has a zany personality with a sweet lovable personality. She’s produced some gorgeous litters with a beautiful variety of chocolate creams, dapples and piebalds, she’ll be retiring after her next litter.

Lyanna is from Cynthia’s Royal dachshunds Sire-Khal Drogo leader of the dograki and Dam- Melisandre the red goddess












Princess Rheanys Targaryen

Rhaenys is a beautiful black and cream piebald female full of personality with a wonderful playful temperament. We look forward to her future litters, expecting a variety of beautiful colors and patterns.

Rhaeny is from Cynthia’s Royal dachshunds  Sire-Theon prince of the iron islands and  Dam- Ellaria Princess of Dorne 








Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys or Dani is the newest addition to our Doxie family. She is a gorgeous petite silver wirehair dachshund.

Daenerys is from Stokers dachshunds Sire-HTD Diamond Arkansas’ Dallas and Dam-Little Miss Maggie 


 All Pedigrees Are Available Upon Request