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About Dachshunds

Fall In Love With the Dachshund Whether you’re looking for a great dog to compete in dog shows in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, or just want a loyal companion, at Little Lords & Lady’s Dachshunds , we have the breed you’ll fall in love with. Dachshunds are full of personality—forever curious, with an innate ability to be mischievous. When you take home one of our Dachshund puppies, you get a wonderful healthy dog that will continue to amaze its owners and judges alike.


The Dachshund Breed

The spunky, but stubborn, Dachshund has proven to be a very beautiful and reliable breed time and time again. With its fierce tenacity and overall curious nature, these dogs make wonderful companions on and off the show floor. Though originally bred in Germany to climb down burrows and pull out badgers, they are docile and friendly to their owners—rolling on their backs for a loving belly rub or covering their faces in puppy kisses.

Our Dachshunds meet AKC standards to ensure our customers have a selection of healthy and happy puppies to take home. We have a variety of beautiful long haired Dachshunds, including gorgeous dapples, shaded reds and creams, and Black and Tans— all bred to impress with their beauty and friendliness. We take the time to learn and understand our puppies and their behavior to increase the chances of matching them with the perfect owner.

Breeders We Recommend

For more information, visit American Kennel Club and the Dachshund Club of America