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Puppy contract

Puppy contract

Diane Steele and buyer hereby enter into a contract for the sale of one puppy described as follows:

This guarantee is for the male/female______color_________pattern ________coat,Miniature Dachshund puppy whose date of birth is_________.



Buyer agrees to pay the purchase price of:______________


  1. The breeder guarantees this puppy is a purebred Dachshund with AKC registration. The breeder guarantees this puppy to be in good health at the time of purchase, to the best of my knowledge. Buyer has examined the puppy and agrees it appears to be healthy. The breeder also guarantees the puppy has had vaccinations and de-worming appropriate to the puppy’s age.
  1. It is recommended that the buyer have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian (at buyers expense) within 72 hours of purchase. IF THE PUPPY IS NOT EXAMINED BY A LICENSED VETERINARIAN WITHIN  HOURS AFTER TAKING POSSESSION OF THE PUPPY,THE GUARANTEE IS VOID. If at the time of examination, the veterinarian finds the puppy to have a life threatening defect or illness, the puppy may be returned to the Breeder (at buyers expense), with written report from the veterinarian and all paper work given to you at time of purchase.Breeder will replace the puppy with a comparable puppy of the same sex. Buyer understands that there may be a wait for another puppy to become available. Breeder may at her discretion offer to refund the purchase price under certain circumstances.

3. If the puppy becomes sick and dies within 72 hrs of possession, buyer must have an autopsy performed to prove cause of death. The puppy will be replaced if death is proven to be caused by an illness the puppy had prior to sale and buyer provides breeder a copy of the report.

  1. Breeder will not guarantee against common problems such as hypoglycemia, internal or external parasites, coccidia, diarrhea due to stress from shipping, new home, or improper diet. Buyer will assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the above described puppy, upon possession. It is the buyers responsibility to protect the puppy from dangerous or infectious situations until the puppy has completed it’s series of vaccinations.
  1. Breeder cannot guarantee adult size,temperament,color or alopecia in the dilutes.
  1. Under no circumstance is the breeder held responsible for any medical services.
  1. If at any time in the life of the dog, buyer is unable to keep the dog, the breeder will be notified and given first option to take the dog back or find it a home. No money will be refunded. Buyer will not relinquish the dog to an animal shelter, pond or humane society.
  1. This contract is for the benefit of both parties involved and to safeguard the health and well being of the dog and is legal and binding. Buyer understands that by reading and signing this contract, that buyer and breeder agree to adhere to the terms and conditions stated herein.


Buyers Name_____________________________






Signature of Breeder_______________________Date__________